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Gold-plated matte ceramic vase

Description: Select high-quality ceramic materials, porcelain touch delicate, matte matte effect, seemingly simple but quiet and elegant. The bottled gold-plated part of the bottle is round and smooth, elegant and noble. The bottom part of the bottle is not glazed, and three black feet are distributed, which can prevent slipping and not damage the table top. (Note: Gold plating process occasionally has some hand marks or scratches, ceramic products will occasionally have bumps and small black spots, which is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the appearance and use.)

Color: Black Small Vase    Black Large Vase    Grey Small Vase    Grey Large Vase

Material: Ceramic

Process: gold plating

Size: Small vase: diameter 9cm* height 15cm    Large vase: diameter 10cm* height 22.3cm

Net weight: small vase: about 540g    large vase: about 943g

Weight after packaging: small vase: about 1100g    large vase: about 1520g

Category: Countertop Vase

Scope of application: living room bedroom study

Style: European

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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