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Crystal Glass Wine Decanters

  • This decanter bottom is the shape of the snow mountains, using the crystal craft to reappear
    snow-capped mountains, and through the light refraction, this snow mountain decanter can present more colorful color.
  • It is an excellent conversation piece for any occasion and be capable of holding just the right amount of your favorite wine for a small get together with friends. Each one is handmade from the finest, completely lead-free glass.
  • Free your wine from the grasp of an air restricting bottle by letting it flow into our elegant crystal wine decanter aerator. The wine is poured in and out of the wine decanter through the larger opening where it is then given time to aerate. Pouring the wine from the bottle to the wine decanter crystal oxygenates the wine and releases its rich aroma and flavor.
  • Every decanter is crafted by skilled artisans with an expert hand and an eye for quality. You literally taste the history and feel precision workmanship in the palm of your hands. The decanter is crafted with lead-free crystal; this exquisite glass wine decanter adds elegance and flawless clarity when serving your wine.
  • For those who have everything, you need a gift they don’t have. This is probably it. Skip the Starbucks card and go straight for something guaranteed to put a smile on their face and a fire in their soul. Give those important to you the ultimate in crystal glassware. Those who receive our decanter are sure to have a large smile on their face.
  • Manual: Yes
  • Color:
  • A  decanter  1800 ml
  • Material: Crystal
  • size:
  • A  decanter  1800 ml:length  21 cm * height  24.5 cm
  • Style: simplicity
  • Element: pure color
  • Number: 1
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