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Phnom Penh glass whisky glass cup

Brief introduction: high quality crystal glass material is selected, and manual gold tracing process is used to add a bright color to the glass. The relief design of the cup body is full of texture, concave and convex, beautiful and exquisite. The bottom is a thickened design, and the bottom of the whisky cup is a square thickened design, which is stable and durable. It is a return of quality and texture and adds a sense of ceremony to life.
Color: short glass, high glass, whiskey glass
Material: crystal glass
Craft: manual gold tracing
Size: short cup: cup mouth diameter 8 cm * height 9 cm tall cup: cup mouth diameter 7 cm * height 13.8 cm
Whisky cup: 9.5 cm in diameter * 8.9 cm in height * 6 cm in diameter at the bottom of the cup
Capacity: short glass: about 260 ml high glass: about 320 ml whiskey glass: about 340 ml
Net weight: short glass: about 285 g tall glass: about 390 g whiskey glass: about 385 g.
Weight after packaging: short mug: about 685 g tall mug: about 790 g whiskey mug: about 785 g.
Color: colorless and transparent
Shape: round
Style: simple
Element: solid color
Scope of application: oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet
Number: 1

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