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Crystal Goblet Champagne Glass

Using superb craftsmanship, firstly remove more than 1,100 degrees of crystal liquid from the melting furnace, and initially shape the shape while cooling, then slowly put it into the grinding tool to inject air, then stretch the cup diameter and pull out the cup foot. The mouth of the cup is laser-cut, with internal and external grinding and edge-sealing. The process is complex. The pure line feeling, the uniformity of the cup wall, and the exquisite degree of the contour and the arc are unmatched by the mechanism glass.

Color: Champagne glass 105ml, Champagne glass B 180ML, Champagne tall cup 200ml, Champagne handmade cup short 200ml,

Champagne Thin Cup 220ml, Champagne Crystal 240ml, Champagne Crystal B 220ml,

Champagne Crystal C 240ml, Champagne Crystal F 190ml, Champagne Crystal Oblique 220ml,

Champagne crystal cylinder cup 200ml,

Material: Crystal Glass

Process: Manual blowing

Size: champagne glass 105ml: diameter 4.5cm * height 18cm, champagne glass B section 180ML: diameter 4.5cm * height 22.5cm

Champagne High Glass 200ml: Caliber 4cm* Height 26.8cm, Champagne Manual Cup Short 200ml: Caliber cm* Height 26cm

Champagne Thin Cup 220ml: Caliber 6.7cm* Height 28.5cm, Champagne Crystal A 240ml: Caliber 4.5cm* Height 24.5cm

Champagne Crystal B Section 220ml: Caliber 4.5cm* Height 27cm, Champagne Crystal C Section 240ml: Caliber 4.5cm* Height 27cm

Champagne Crystal F 190ml: Caliber 6cm* Height 23.5cm, Champagne Crystal Oblique Style 220ml: Caliber 4.5cm* Height 28cm

Champagne crystal cylinder cup 200ml: caliber 4cm* height 25cm,

Style: Simple

Category: Champagne Glasses

Number: 1

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