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Crystal Whiskey Glass Cup

The use of high-quality crystal glass, health and safety. Crystal clear, brings a sense of quality to life. Diamond-like cutting, thick and solid feel, unique creative, large capacity, a variety of styles to choose from.

Color: 280ml cup, 300ml cup, 310ml cup, 320ml cup, 350ml cup, 380ml cup

Material: Crystal Glass

Size: 280ml Cup: Height 11.2cm * Caliber 9.2cm, 300ml Cup: Height 9.8cm * Caliber 9cm, 310ml Cup: Height 10.9cm * Caliber 8.4cm

320ml cup: height 10.2cm* diameter 8.6cm, 350ml cup: height 9.8cm* diameter 8.5cm, 380ml cup: height 10cm* diameter 8.8cm

Category: Whiskey Cup

Style: Simple

Number: 1

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