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304 Stainless Steel Coffee Stirring Spoon

A very stunning stainless steel ladles, particularly fine, long and slender look, smooth and rounded spoon head, with elegant black and white pink gold five colors, colorful. Made of 304 stainless steel, it is crafted with different craftsmanship. It's fine and detailed, and it's equally good to mix it as a coffee spoon or as a tableware. (Note: Stainless steel cutlery to avoid scrubbing with hard objects)

Color: white gold spoon; pink gold spoon; pink silver spoon; black gold spoon; black silver spoon; golden square head ladles; blue silver long spoon; champagne gold long spoon;

Matte black long spoon; silver long spoon;

Material: Stainless steel

Process: Plating, Teflon + Plating, Matte + Teflon, Mirror Finish, Mirror Matte

Size: 19.8cm*2.8cm

Weight: about 35g

Element: Solid color

Style: Nordic

Number: 1

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