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Marble Oval Ceramic Gold Trim Tray

The use of marble and high-temperature porcelain, two styles can choose. Gold Trim and frosted edges meet everyday needs. Each texture is different and each one is unique and customized. Both plates are very atmospheric whether it is a dessert salad sandwich or a jewellery necklace. The scope of application is very wide. No matter whether it is a table, a dressing table or a bathroom, it can be applied to all the dishes.

Color: marble gold plate, marble frosted side plate

Material: marble + high temperature porcelain

Size: marble gold plate: 32cm*15cm*1cm marble frosted side plate: 32cm*15cm*1cm

Weight: 880g

Process: high temperature firing

Process: Color glaze

Pattern: other

Style: Nordic

Type: Flat plate

Shape: Oval

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