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304 Stainless Steel Thicken Table Soup Spoon

304 Stainless Steel Thicken Table Soup Spoon

  • FASHION, STYLE & ELEGANCE: Gloss gives the spoon an elegant feel that is perfect for formal dinners, banquets, and dinner parties as well as everyday mealtime, picnics, and informal events
  • BETTER THAN STEEL: Made of 304 stainless steel that is sturdy and durable, no rust, corrosion resistant.
  • MAKE YOUR EVENT EXTRA SPECIAL: Host an elegant event, impressing friends with lavish flatware, while making cleanup easy with these stainless steel forks or have an intimate family get-together celebrating not having to do the dishes

Color: A Small black spoon, B medium black spoon, C large black spoon, D small gold spoon, E medium gold spoon, F large gold spoon,

G Small rose gold spoon, H medium rose gold spoon, I large rose gold spoon, J small silver spoon, K medium silver spoon, L large silver spoon


Small: length 11.6cm

Medium: length 16.3cm

Large: length 20.3cm 


Small: 18g

Medium: 30g

Large: 41g

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