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Stainless Steel Little Swan Fruit Fork Set

Title: Stainless Steel Cygnus Fruit Fork Set

Description: Stainless steel, polished polished, safe and healthy. Swan seat storage spoon, fruit fork, solid and not down, both tableware storage is also a home decoration.


A golden swan base

B golden swan base +3 fork 3 spoon

C golden swan base +5 fork 5 spoon

D golden swan base +6 fork

E golden swan base +6 spoon

F golden swan base +10 fork

G golden swan base 10 spoon

H silver swan silver base

I?silver swan silver base +?3 fork 3 spoon

J?silver swan silver base + 5 fork 5 spoon

K?silver swan silver base + 6 fork

L?silver swan silver base + 6 spoon

M?silver swan silver base + 10 fork

N?silver swan silver base + 10 spoon

Material: Stainless steel

Process: Polished mirror

Size: 15cm * 7cm spoon 12.3cm fork 13.3cm

Weight: swan base 190g spoon 18g fork 13g

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