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Scandinavian Minimalist Marble Sealed Tank Storage Tank

Ink-free portrayal of portrayed in a pure storage tank, porcelain surface smooth, bland smooth and delicate, gentle and smooth radian texture good.

All using the finest bone china, flowers face new, glazed smooth, fine porcelain, elegant device type
The marbling is polished by artificial roasting, so each plate has a different pattern.
Sturdy and the gold stands out beautifully but NO Microwave or Dishwasher!
It may exists some unavoidable handmade flaws and slight deviation for the measurement and color,
Please check the size before you place the order, thank you!


Weight: 1400g
Element: Ink style

Large red marble storage tank; large brown marble storage tank
Large blue marble storage tank; Large ash gray marble storage tank
Small red marbling tank; Small brown marbling tank
Small blue marble grain storage tank; Small gray marble grain storage tank
Medium red marble storage tank; medium brown marble storage tank
Medium blue marble storage tank; medium gray smoke marble storage tank

Style: Nordic
Number: 1
Material: Ceramic

Large diameter 12 height 20.5CM; Capacity 1500ML
Small diameter 15 height 9.5CM; capacity 1000ML
Large diameter 12 height 16.5CM; capacity 1200ML

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