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Marbling Ceramic Retro Mug Coffee Cup Glass Set

Marbling ceramic retro mug coffee cup glass set

Description: Colorful colors originated from porcelain clay, after 1280 °Ê high temperature firing, the natural formation of color lines, different, unique, cup mouth and handle are hand-painted

Gold, ingenuity manufacture. (Note: Set includes cup, coaster and a spoon)

Hand made product, these unique designs require a complex and lengthy process to create, so be sure to purchase after knowing that each of marble pattern is unique.

  • Color: gray and pink
  • Material: Colored clay ceramic + color glaze
  • Coaster Material: Solid wood (Acacia)
  • Technology: Pure gold hand
  • Size: Height 9cm
  • Cup diameter: 9cm
  • Cup plate: diameter 13cm
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Manual: Yes
  • Sturdy and the gold stands out beautifully but NO Microwave or Dishwasher!
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