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Mosaic Marble Apple iPhone Anti-Scratch Shock Proof Soft TPU Gel Case Silicon Protective Skin Cover

Environmental TPU, the whole package edge is more resistant to fall, the closed button blocks the small dust, the opening precision not obstruct the signal, whether the material, the pattern, the feeling, are very good.


Color: iphone6 white, iphone6 black, iphone6plus white, iphone6plus black,
Iphone 6 pink, iphone6 brass, iphone6plus pink, iphone6plus brass,
Iphone 6 green, iphone6plus green,
Iphone 7 white, iphone7 black, iphone7plus white, iphone7plus black,
Iphone 7 pink, iphone7 brass, iphone7plus pink, iphone7plus brass,
Iphone 7 green, iphone7plus green


Process: IMD grinding sand (three layers of printing, the pattern is in the middle, the smooth surface seal)


Material: environmental TPU silicone


Mobile phone: Apple iphone

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