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Macbook Skin Decal Sticker White Marbled Print

Details:Matte surface film,exact laser cut,waterproof,hard-wearing,back gas vent.


  • Easy to apply
  • Ultra high-quality printing, precision-cut, full detail
  • Can be easily removed and leaves no residue
  • Super-thin (less than 0.3mm) tough scratch proof protection
  • Imported vinyl materials technology easy application and clean removal
  • 100% water-proof, oil-proof
  • Available for:
  • Macbook Air/Pro/Pro Retina 11"-15"
  • Type:Air11 Retina12; Air13; Newer Pro13 Retina; Older Pro13 with CD ROM; Older Pro15 with CD ROM;Newer Pro15 Retina; 2016 pro13 ; 2016 pro13 with bar ; 2016pro15 with bar;
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