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Portable 5-Grids Pill Case

The natural beech wood drug distribution box is portable and free of space. The separation of the design is not of the taste, more durable guarantee the medicine's medicinal properties. Natural materials do not react with drugs.


Easy to Organize the Pills
With 5 compartments, this weekly pill box issuper easy way to keep you pill track of the day, and easier to keep your pills stay organized.

High Quality Material
The case is made of top quality natural beech wood, it is safe and environmental friendly.

Best Design for Travel
It has enough compartments for the variety of pills I take and is the size you are looking for! It is sometimes hard to fit the pills themselves in the compartments, but there is still enough room to meet your needs. This is the one you are looking for to stack your vitamins and pills in one place. 


Color: original wood color


Material: beech wood + acrylic


Size: 8.1cm in diameter and 2.1cm thick


Weight: about 60g


Function: storage of medicine

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