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Cable Management Box

Does your power outlet look like a pile of spaghetti? That unsightly rat's nest of untidy, loose and tangled wires that lurks under your desk next to the computer or behind the TV can be hidden. The cable box can be used anywhere indoors where cables are unsightly. No need to unplug anything. Just place your power strips or surge protector inside the Cable Box then stow away the surplus cable, close the lid and you're done! The Cable Box is designed with outlets at both ends and will accommodate most sizes of power strip and surge protector. It even has extra space for the cords. 

  • The separated type is arranged in the box.The top cover six card position is the neat home has convenient charging, large capacity to receive, the clean degree of a big pick-me-up.
  • Color: square gray ,square white,round printed gray ,round printing white
  • Material: Insulated Material - Made of ABS plastic and never get hot.
  • Take control of computer and electronics cord clutter without unplugging anything.
  • CableBox will fit almost every size power strip with extra space for the cords, adapters, etc.
  • Size: round box 32*12* 11cm; Square box of 31 * 13.8 * 13 cm
  • Style: northern Europe
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