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Wooden Pen Pot Desk Organizer Pencil Stand Storage Box With Calendar

  1.  Attractive storage box for pencils, pens, scissors, and other desk tools. Wooden calendar pen tube bring the comforts of home storage.
  2.  Can placed pen, remote control, mobile phone and other items. Let household life more simple, cleaner and tidier.
  3.  Multi-use of one thing. It is not only a storage box, but also a permanent calendar. It can be used year after year. Time is never stop. You will know the date just need a glimpse.
  4.  Handmade creation.Crafted form maple for fresh looks, natural material, let you touch the natural closely and less environmental impact.

HOW TO USE OF THE CALENDAR: Fluctuations in the circular turntable and then move the week box, you can get the day,week and month.


  •  Material: Maple
  •  Product Code: MY-JE0112
  •  Category: Storage
  •  Production process: Grinding
  •  Surface technology: grinding, polishing, paint
  •  Application scenarios: Office space
  •  Size: 17 * 7.3 * 9.7cm
  • Weight: 260g


  • Selection of natural wood, handmade carefully crafted to show the beauty of nature.
  • Pen holder storage tube, you can place the pen, remote control, mobile phones and other debris, so that home life become more clean.
  • Will not expire the calendar, let us have a good day.
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Avoid direct sunlight, so as not to cause product cracking and aging.
  • Avoid using in high temperature and humidity environment.
  • Do not scratch with the hard object, so as not to cause the surface scratch, affecting the appearance beautiful.
  •  If the wood glue stains, can be dipped in a small amount of water soluble or oily cleaner wipes.
  • When the surface of the product is dusty, use dry cloth or semi dry cloth to wipe, can not be put into the water to clean.
  • After used for a period of time, can use wood wax to maintain and keep the product as bright as new.

Package Included:

♥ 1 * Perpetual Calendar Pen Holder

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